Frequently Asked Questions
Every corporate job we do is individually crafted for our clients, so it really is better to get together in person (preferred) or on the phone to discuss your specific needs, goals, before we start creating plans and quotes.  We are also happy to come in and pitch. But I understand you are here seeking information.  
Q.  Why are professional business portraits so important?
A.  To convey a professional image, well-crafted professional photography is essential. Professional photography allows a company or individual business person to put their best foot forward on the internet, business cards, press-releases, media articles, billboards. Too often business persons use mug-shots from ID badges or photos cut from snapshots as their professional images which damages their credibility and hurts the company's brand.
Q.  This is just for bankers, lawyers, and realtors, right?
A.  Absolutely not!! We greatly enjoy creating brand-based images for all sorts of companies--large and small, traditional and non-traditional.
Q.  Can you come to our headquarters and shoot the whole staff?
A.  Yes, we can bring our studio lights to your office and photograph whoever you need. This saves time for your staff and can be cost-effective if you have many individuals who need photographs at the same time because they don't have to travel to a studio.
Q.  What sort of styles do you offer?
A.  Traditional Headshots:
Great for businesses that want to project a safe, reliable, and trustworthy image.  We set up on location with flattering studio light and studio backgrounds. 
Environmental Executive Portrait Sessions:
A little more creative and entailed, we can set up lights and shoot in your office or utilize other areas of your headquarters for unique backgrounds. This is the style we employ for most of our work for magazine assignments and is great for annual reports and other times you want more than just a headshot.
Digitally Composited Group Shots: 
We can photograph members of a team individually and then composite them together into a group photo. This has the added bennefit of picking the best pose/expression from each team member, rather than the best single over all shot of everyone.  It also lets us rearrange the photo to add new staff later and take away people who leave the company. 
Outdoors Natural-Light:
Best done for an individual who can allot at least an hour to walking around a location such as Uptown Charlotte. Lots of poses, lots of locations, lots of environments to choose from. Great for small business owners looking for personal and individualistic looks.
Need photos of a meeting, ribbon-cutting, convention, annual meeting, keynote address, or other corporate event? Let us bring our experience as a photojournalist and wedding photographer to your occasion.
Q.  Do you charge for a consultation visit?
A.  No. Consultations are complementary and highly recommended. The consultation allows us to meet and get comfortable with each other and talk about your session, ideas, goals, and scout your headquarters for appropriate shooting locations. Some clients like to clip or print out examples of work they like from magazines, websites, or past annual reports as a basis to talk about what they like and what they don't.
Q.  Who owns the copyright?
All photography is copyright by Fenix Fotography. Your invoice includes a license to reproduce your portraits in press kits, newsletters, brochures, business cards, websites, and local advertising for a specified time period.
Q.  Will my photos be used on the web?
Not if you ask us not to. We like to use examples of out best work in our portfolio and generally reserve the right to to display them on our site. If you ask, we will refrain from doing so.
Q.  How long will my session take?
That's up to you and depends on factors such as what sort of style shoot your company books and the number of sitters. Fifteen minutes per sitter or look seems to work well for standard headshots in a controlled environment.
Q.  What about hair and makeup?
A.  We provide blotting powder for men at no additional charge which has no color but knocks the shine down on your face. If you like, we can contract professional hair and makeup services for you. There is an additional reasonable charge and our people are the same folks we work with on magazine shoots and are some of the most talented artists in town. With larger groups we sometimes bring in a groomer to assist.
Q.  What sort of digital retouching do you do?
A.  First we start with really great light that minimizes wrinkles and skin texture. Then We remove blemishes, lessen under eye bags, and offensive stray hairs. Our goal is to make it look as if nothing has been done to the image and you're looking your best. We've been digitally retouching images for ten years.
Q.  What should I wear?
A.  We can discuss this in greater detail at your consultation, but generally choose an outfit that projects the image you want to convey to your best client. In traditional businesses such as law, sales, insurance, and financial services that likely mens a business suit. Medical and scientific professionals may wish to shoot in lab-coats, scrubs, or jackets. Restaurant owners, designers, engineers, architects, artists, have many options to be creative.  
In general, avoid anything with busy patterns--though a little texture is fine. Solid colors are usually very good and keep jewelry simple. White shirts can work if they must, but colored shirts photograph better. The focus needs to be on your face, not your clothes.
Q.  Do your require a deposit?
A.  A deposit of 50% of your total is required as a retainer towards your session. We require 48 hours notice if you need to move or cancel your session. Failure to cancel within 48 hours may result in the loss of your deposit.