Outdoor Business Cityscape Walking Session


Session/Location Fee is $350.  

Images are $75/each.   

*sales tax not included


- Up to 2 hours shooting time for your session.

  • This allows sitters time to relax and affords the maximum amount of image choices.
  • Skilled in building rapport, photographer Ryan Sumner works as a “facial expression coach” to capture his subject’s most natural self. 


- Location of your choice in the Charlotte, NC Metro area.  Uptown is a popular choice, with lots of location variety. Before your session, we'll discuss what look or vibe you are trying to accomplish, and we can give recommendations if requested.


- Supplemental studio lighting and professional equipment incorporated to manage outdoor lighting conditions.

- Onsite Photo Selection. Immediately after the photo session, we'll grab a cup of coffee, tea, (or libation of choice), as we review your images, and assist with photo selection to ensure you are happy with the images captured.


- Magazine quality retouching on all purchased images.


- What to Wear and other tips for the day of your shoot:  https://www.fenixfoto.com/what-to-wear


- Artist's Suggested Crops.  Artist/Photographer Ryan Sumner will resize and crop images to fit your website needs, plus provide black and white versions of each image.  We also provide artistic crops of each purchased image for website designers.


- Files are only delivered digitally. 


Safety precautions:

•           We will be observing social distancing

•           Fenix Fotography employees will be wearing masks.


please contact us for pricing:  
[email protected] or call 704-877-3323


*For Outdoor Cityscape Walking Session, 

please select a 5:30pm session time